Why Donnie Myers Luxury Coach

We feel strongly that the owner of a luxury motor coach has very few options in today's economy for the services and products that we offer. Certainly, a luxury coach owner can take their coach back to the dealer or any competing dealer and receive service or remodel. The problem is... the owner will never be completely satisfied with their quality and attention to detail that they so desperately seek.

Today's economy is encouraging the customer to consider remodeling their current coach as opposed to purchasing a new coach. If you own a Prevost, you're in luck, for your service needs and remodeling with Donnie Myers RV Service... if you own a VANTARE PREVOST you seriously need to consider who walks into your coach and claims they understand it and can repair it.

Our philosophy

is to provide our customers with superior service and repair of their luxury motor coaches.

Donnie Myers Luxury Coach

Let Us Make the Improvements You Want!